Magic glass is also called dimming glass, electrically controlled glass, energized atomized glass, and smart glass. Because of the advantages of shading, privacy protection, beauty, free switching, noise reduction, etc., it is widely used in home decoration, office partitions, conference projection, government banks, clubs, hotels, shopping malls and other scenes. Compared with traditional glass partitions, it can divide the space. Feel free to switch, higher-end, more beautiful, and better spatial vision.

The dimming glass improves the office a little bit. The original office partition is single. Only transparent or frosted glass can be used. The dimming glass replaces the original partition. The grade for the office is very improved, you can switch between the visuals and scenes you want at will.

When the dimmer glass is turned off, the liquid crystal molecules in the electronically controlled dimmer glass will appear irregularly dispersed. At this time, the electrically controlled glass will appear transparent and opaque; when the dimmer glass is energized, the liquid crystal inside The molecules are arranged neatly, and light can penetrate freely. At this time, the dimming glass instantly appears transparent.