• Hardware pulls basket: pull basket to be able to provide bigger store content space, and the space inside can use ambry reasonably, make all sorts of article and appliance are in their proper place.
    According to different uses, the pull basket can be divided into bowl and dish pull basket, multi-functional flavor pull basket, hearth pull basket, large functional pull basket (high deep pull basket, moving basket and corner pull basket)
    Electric basket: Functional instructions
  • Function: It can be used in the condole cabinet to store the tableware such as cupboards and cups
    Design: unique dynamic opening and closing design technology, linear deceleration interpretation of the beauty of dynamic life;Modern light and shadow design, independent lighting management, make life more bright;Large area touch screen control, available for wet hands;CNC guide rail, precision motor, open and close mute;Hidden 2D orientation adjustment, front, back, left and right fit in all directions, convenient installation.
    Quality: 8mm super thick toughened glass, strong and durable;Level E1 formaldehyde free cabinet board, healthy and safe.
    Storage: Can store dishes, cups and other tableware.
  • [Electric rack]
    Function: It can be installed and applied on the wall to store daily seasoning bottles, knives, kitchen utensils and other kitchen supplies
    Design: Intelligent sensing;One step in place, time-saving and efficient, a set of tools put together;Open magnetic absorption, good easy to take, ventilated asphalt, moisture-proof rust;Detachable accessories, free combination, easy to clean;
    Quality: fluorocarbon surface process, remove stains with one wipe, anti-aging, anti-fading, anti-pollution and anti-corrosion;Teslin anti-skid pad, more oxidation resistant to oil;Solid integrated bending hook, no welding, no fracture

Storage: Can store daily seasoning bottles, knives, kitchen utensils and other kitchen supplies.
Summary of terms: hardware pull basket styles, you can depend on your preferences, provide customized services, welcome to the map to consult customized prices, we will quote to contact you as soon as possible.

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Electric Series


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